Nothing Can Stop You From Rising!

Strength & growth only come through continuous efforts & challenges… 

Career is all about growing and what makes it fascinating is the recognition, growth and the ability to grasp learning opportunities. Mr. Jamal believes in this and comes to work every day with this challenge in mind. He intends on always doing his best with an open mind to learning.

Mr. Jamal joined AbuIssa Holding in 1997 as a Trainee at the Warehouse. He perceived this as an opportunity to see the operational aspect of the business by understanding supply chain fundamentals. As a result of his proactive attitude and outstanding work ethics, he was promoted within 3 months to be recognized as a Sales Associate in the Linen Section at Blue Salon.

This was an opportunity for Mr. Jamal to showcase his soft and interpersonal skills. His contribution within the sales team was very positive and he definitely achieved great results. The management was closely following his dedication & commitment and recognized his ability to undertake a more challenging role.

Eventually,  Mr. Jamal held the position of a Retail Supervisor at Highland Store. There, he worked relentlessly for a few months where he exposed his professional skills, achieving a high performance by quickly learning the business structure. Not only was he a hard worker, but he also proved his leadership skills by managing the team in Highland and achieving high sale results.

Currently, Mr. Jamal is the Group’s Retail Operation Manager, where he manages over 90 outlets and a team of 400 employees. He is recognized for the attention he pays to details and his willingness to learn from others’ experiences.

When asked to summarize his career in 3 phrases, Jamal responded: Hard work, Intelligent Work & Teamwork