Leadership is Key: The Story Behind Bikash Wosti’s Success

Bikash Wosti joined Abu Issa Holding as a Warehouse Picker in 2008. It only took 21 days to recognize his leadership skills and positive attitude. When given a 30-day deadline to complete a task, Bikash led a team of 30 people to complete the task 10 days before the assigned deadline. Given his noticeable efforts on his very first assignment, he was promoted to Sales Executive at AbuIssa Marketing and Distribution.

As a Sales Executive in NIVEA Division of Abu Issa Marketing & Distribution, Bikash learned and developed his selling expertise, communication skills, and business management. One Year later, through his consistent hard work and dedication, he was promoted to Key Account Executive where he continued to learn, grow and manage regional retail conglomerates like Carrefour and Lulu groups. Within two years; he was promoted again to a Sales Supervisor, where he managed overall sales on the ground for NIVEA.  After a great stint as Sales Supervisor, delivering extraordinary growths, he was once again promoted as Brand Manager for NIVEA. As a Brand Manager, he ensured that the marketing & sales profitability objectives were met. Under Bikash’s brand management & sales growth initiatives, AbuIssa Marketing & Distribution earned the PARTNER OF THE YEAR AWARD from NIVEA – BEIERSDORF in the MENA Region for three consecutive years: 2013, 2014 and 2015.

In 2016, Bikash left to pursue another opportunity and later returned to Abu Issa Marketing and Distribution as a Sales Manager in the Household Section. Within a year of handling Sales Management responsibilities, Bikash was asked to take over the overall operations for Household and Luggage sections. Today, Bikash is a Division Manager at AbuIssa Marketing and Distribution for the House Hold and Luggage division, managing a team of five Sales and Category Managers.

His key factors to success are self-motivation, continuously seeking improvement and growth. He recommends knowing the objective behind your job role. Success does not come easy, he believes in teamwork and to know when to take the right decision at the right time. His advice to his friends and colleagues is to take initiatives in your daily tasks and to make a difference. As he stated “If you are committed to your work with a clear goal – Be sure that you can achieve the impossible. Always learn new things, be a leader, never run away from problems – and be sure that you will move forward in your career and life.”