At AIH, we are monitoring the COVID-19 situation closely. We are listening very carefully to current guidance from the Government and Health Authorities. The health and safety of our staff is our top priority. We would like to share with you some of the numerous precautions and preventive measures that we’ve taken to keep our locations clean and that our customers and colleagues are safe. This includes:

  • Deeper and intensive cleaning of our locations and facilities along with sanitizers made available at all our locations.
  • We have limited the access into the building through only one entrance, where as the security team reads each employee`s  body temperature.
  • Daily disinfection practices are being implemented within all high-traffic common areas.
  • We continuously urge everyone to follow simple precautions such as thorough handwashing to prevent the spread of disease.
  • We continue to follow local county public health guidelines and wear face masks and gloves at all times.
  • We continue to stress on the importance of downloading the EHTERAZ App.
  • In an effort to decrease traffic as well as the exchange of physical documents we have encouraged staff to go paperless.
  • We have also moved our HR employee affairs to another reception area where employees can collect or speak directly to the personnel through a glass shield for better safety.
  • Since its critical that we are all connected during these challenging times, we are broadcasting vital information and updates on the dedicated HR HOTLINE
  • Keeping in view everyone`s health, employees were requested to stop punching in/out using the fingerprint machines till further notice. As a temporary alternative, employees can send manual attendance requests thru the self-service system for punch in & out OR use the POS system.
  • Employees are not allowed into the pantry areas. The kitchen crew are there to support in case employees need any beverage.
  • Only two personnel to be allowed in the elevator at a time. Employees are encouraged to use staircase if moving from one floor to another.
  • Those who are ordering food from outside are requested to go down and collect their food. Outside delivery personnel are not allowed in the building. A booth has been set up in the basement to attend to all outside visitors.