2019 Talent Recognition Ceremony

This year, and for the fifth year in a row, The Talent Management Department under AbuIssa Holding organized the 2019 Talent Recognition Ceremony. The ceremony was held to recognize employees who successfully completed the Training & Talent Development Program in addition to employees who were awarded for their contribution towards the corporate’s vision.
The Talent Management Department was established over six years ago. The presence of the department is vital. With business growing, the demand for human resources planning is essential. The drive of the department is to put the right person in the right place at the right time while having the right skills and attitude. The Training & Talent Development Program is designed to enhance employees’ potentials and improve their skills by undergoing different development programs including workshops and training sessions.
AbuIssa Holding values investing in human capital, which is considered the most important asset to the company. AbuIssa Holding is one of the first organizations in Qatar to establish the Talent Management Department, compared to competitors. The company’s Chairman believes that the market in Qatar is changing and will still face different dynamics and challenges – especially in the run up to the hosting of 2022 World Cup in Qatar.